Would appreciate some comment on using Ideal supers

I am an 8-frame full depth brood box and super beekeeper.
For a number of reasons “old age”, more even filling, quicker turn around…? I am thinking of using Ideal supers for honey production. I would appreciate any feedback, comment , experiences on using Ideals.

One issue is extraction. two Ideal frames do not fit across most honey extractors. What brands meet this requirement ?

Hi Merv

I find the ideal supers the best option for various reasons, they include;

1). Lighter to worker with and hence easier to manage,
2). Higher honey yields compared to full depth as the frames fill in but a fraction of the time and with climate change an every day challenge I always get a honey crop even in our wet summers, (Tasmanian beekeepers extensively always have used ideal depth supers for their honey honey production and its their 4 seasons in a day factor that allows them to harvest a good annual crop year after year).
3). I have 4 honey extractors, various brands as I have three hire units, various brands and each will comfortably hold two Ideal frames in a cage.

my 2 cents worth.


aka Honey Bee Whisperer