Wiring board / jig

Hi guys and gals,

I just made a wire strainer it works well for deep frames :heart_eyes:

Looks good, although i’ve never hear dit called a wire strainer before… to me, wire strainer is what you would filter wax/honey through :slight_smile:

Nice work on the wiring board… I see you have the trusty door stop to provide the tension. Did you follow plans?

Watched someone make it on YouTube https://youtu.be/HCXwi_ZFzvM then made something with the material I had to match my frames

Indeed it is a wiring board / jig

Have to make some modifications as the gypsies the wire spins on need to be higher and have a better groove in them

Will get a mate to make some on his wood lathe

A quick trip to the local hardware… bought a few wire collets 99c each.They seem to do the trick

Just made a video of the jig in use hope you enjoy

Another video of the deep frames being wired up