When is it best set up a hive?

Hi there!
I am wanting to buy a flowhive. The idea of extra pollinators in my garden for vegetables, herbs and plants really appeals with me; and the idea of a simpler way of collecting honey is also nice.

When is the best time to set up a hive?

I am thinking of waiting till August/September ready for early Spring. I don’t want the bees to be unprepared for the winter. Any advice would be wonderful.

Thank you

Hi Rachel
I am not an expert, but now would be a great time to get a nuc.
Plenty of time for them to build up for winter and you can help them along with some sugar water if you wish to


Sorry about my ignorance, It wouldn’t provide any honey for this season would it?

No you would not get any honey this year, but you will be set for next spring.

Another thing to think about Rachel is that you will struggle to get a nuc hive in August/September.
You should be able to get one now.

Ok wonderful! Thank you for the response! If we set up now the hive would best well established next season

I don’t think you’re too late to start this season, you can definitely get a strong colony built up before winter and then go into next season with a strong colony (after over-wintering).

If you do plan to start next season, you will need to get your name on the list with a beekeeper for a Nucleus now (for next season) as there is huge demand for Nucleus hives and the waiting lists for next season have probably already started!

If you do start this season aim to get at least a single brood box with correctly drawn comb (ie. nice, clean worker comb with plenty of laying space for the queen) and as lenr has mentioned, don’t go into it expecting a harvest this season.

All the best! :smiley:

Sorry for these silly questions but I am keen to do this right form the beginning and make as little mistakes as possible.
Could you please recommend a few places to order hives from? I’ve heard the bee shop in Murrumbateman is good. I am keen to get a Nuc ordered for next season.

Hi Rachael,

please feel free to give us a call, we offer nucleus hives for sale each year and have done so for many years, these are for various hive types including Langstroth Full Depth and also the WSP (3/4 depth) and also the Warre hive for those that opt for that type of beekeeping.

If you get the chance please also review the post on ‘buying a nucleus hive’ as I listed 10 questions there to help those new to beekeeping gain a better understanding of what they need to know and ask their bee supplier before they decide to place an order as I believe that these questions will further assist you an anyone else considering getting started with bees to get off to the best possible start from the very outset.


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