What to do with my Cranky Bees

Well I went to harvest some honey but they did not want me to have any🤔

This hive swarmed on me last summer and ever since they requeened they have not been very nice and today was no different, they are a very strong hive and went through winter in 2x10 frame deeps .
Gave them a bit of smoke and waited a bit then went in, lot of burr come on top of frames and chokers full of bees and honey.
I scraped the burr comb off and went to pull the first frame out and they where into me, hammered my suit and got me half a dozen times on my hands through my gloves, I walked away a bit and a few followed me hitting my suit.
They settled enough for me to venture back to put the top cover and lid on.

Think I just may let this hive swarm if it wants two, no chance of me finding the old queen and giving her the chop and requeening.

Picture of the cranky Sh-1-ts

Maybe you had just eaten a banana :slight_smile:

Hi Jorge
I wish it was a :banana:, but it was not :wink:.
Will give it another go in a few days, few drone cells appearing so I may just get some thicker gloves and do a split .

The weather might not have been warm enough, or maybe you really to hammer the smoke around you. I have done smoking twirl and they calmed quite a bit. My money is on air temp.

If anything I agree that it may have been temperature or even time of day. With the lower temp it’s not just the heat escaping or different in temperature that upsets the bees, but there is also likely less bees out foraging, so more in the hive to focus on you when you open the lid!

Did you open this hive much last season? How was their temperament then?