What’s flowering in autumn 2018

The mannifera (brittle gum) have just burst into flower in the mountains south of Canberra this week, slightly earlier than in past years. I assume they will be flowering in the city too. Hopefully there will be some brittle gum honey pulled off frames around the region before autumn properly sets in!

On that note, and I will put this into the relevant thread in case anyone else ever searches for it, we have our first flowers on the E. mannifera post-bushfire. So to answer my own question - flowering seems to start around 1 year after a fire event, at least in some species of eucalyptus. Will keep detailed notes on our other 10 naturally occurring species as they eventually flower.

Here are some photos of flowering plants in my garden in Aranda. Bees are having a good time having eucalyptus, callistemon and correa flowers close to them. :slight_smile: Agi

Eucalyptus flowering in Aranda

Saw some bee-action on this Grevillea today.


English Ivy is another very popular bee foraging plant in the suburbs with both nectar and pollen actively harvested at this time of the year.

A photo from a garden in the Weston Creek (ACT) neighbourhood today showed significant numbers of honey bees visiting the ivy hedge.

Also a nice scientific article about ivy pollen and nectar, all be it from the UK, also provides some valuable insights of the importance of this to honey bees and other pollinators.



Hello again,

another fine example of whats also in flower in Canberra at present that the bees are foraging on, namely Banksia

This example was near ANU but it appears very common throughout all of Canberra as a large tree, this example was 8+ metres tall and was still in flower with many more to open.

A walk in the Nat Botanic Garden Canberra on 31st March led to this beautiful Sturt desert pea.

Canberra in an unusual warm autumn 2018 with bees on fascia, lavender and lemon bush.

Bee on lavender (pdf).pdf (2.8 MB)
Bee on fuscia (pdf).pdf (2.0 MB)

Two more great flowering sources photographed in the last few days flowering very well and with loads of bee attention, though it hailed today and was cold this afternoon post this weather event the warm days in the coming days will continue to allow the bees in Canberra to forage well for some time longer.

The gum was flowering in Fyshwick but there are a number of these all through the suburbs also in flower




Bees feeding on grevillea in Jervis Bay autumn 2018.