What a difference a move makes

Well not sure if anyone ever read my post about moving bees up north coast awhile ago, well as it turned out I moved to Batemans Bay area with my 7 hives and what a sad day that has been, I now only have 4 hives and still a couple of them are not going real well.
First hive just decided to leave when spring came, no queen cells no drone cells, nothing just left(possible hungry and my fault), the second hive and my first and strongest hive somehow the plastic opening on my better bee hive got closed, I have no idea how it happened and have no idea how long but when I noticed not much action at the entrance I had an inspection, Was a lot of dead bees but still the hive was very strong.
After cleanig the hive out I put some water close, went to check a couple of days later they where all gone, I am guessing a bit of stress, #2 hive down.
I then decided that I would start all on a 1-1 syrup and set a feed station up using a 10ltr bucket.
#3 hive, well I often walk past my hives, sometimes several times a day and there are times I may not get to look for a week or so, anyway the other day i walked past and noticed no bees coming or going and had a look, all gone, they left a frame of honey capped and the other 9 frames all empty.
Not sure what is going on, the hives seem to be getting a bit better since feeding started but still I thought they would be doing better at this time of year, they have not even laid any drones as yet and no queen cells, my 5 acres block backs on to the national park, no gums flowering around me as yet but plenty of garden flowers have been in full bloom around the area and still are.

Yesterday I did a full inspection and they seem to be breeding up more now but nothing like I am used too, I would of been trying to stop swams by now where I come from.
Anyway I will soldier on and learn from this and try and explain to the wife why I have no honey for her and no surplus to make her some face cream and mead