Transporting bees long distance

Hi all
I am after a bit of info from the pro’s.
What would be the best way to move my 8 hives about nine hours away, it will be in winter sometime.
They will be on a duel axle box trailer.


Hello Len,

The first thing would to be registered in the State that you are going to park them in.



Is this a once off or are you planning to move them back too?

The real issues with moving hives is them overheating, both from being locked down and exposed to sun/heat on the trailer. The other concern is the frames moving around in the hive during transport crushing/killing bees.

Personally, I would shut them down at night and try and do as much of the travel as possible at night/in the early morning before the heat of the day. Make sure there is adequate ventilation so the bees don’t overheat (ie. don’t seal all vents/entrances completely, allow airflow) and make sure the frames are secured/pushed up against each other (and if possible, secured with a wedge/chock) to prevent combs from bouncing off the frame stays or hitting each other and crushing the bees between.

Another minor suggestion when transporting bees is to have the frames in the hive runing front to back on the trailer or in the car, not side to side, as this will prevent the combs from swinging up and pressing together under braking.

Hi Roland
I will be staying in NSW so registration is all food

Thanks for the advice
The move will be a one time event.
Would I have a problem with over heating if moving them around May-June, it should be a bit cooler by then.
my wooden hives do not have any ventilation holes so should I put some sort of ventilation in, the plastic one have a bit of ventilation in them.
I read somewhere a guy put water in with them, I put sugar water in zip lock bags to feed my bees so could I put water in some in ziplock bags with water in them with a few pin holes.

Hen Len

I typically shy away from trailers when moving small numbers of hives as I find that they can jar terribly if your not too careful as you bounce along the road on your journey. That said if you have to move them on a trailer make sure its a cool night and that the ventilation is good to prevent any chance whatsoever of overheating the girls in the hive.

Out of interest why are you moving them and will they be moved back at a later stage or is it a one way trip?



Hi Eric
We have sold our farm and will be moving in June.
I could try and fit them on a duel cab ute instead of trailer, but do not think I would get 8 hives on all together.
Anyway when the time comes I will just have to work something out.


Change of plans
Well I will be only moving the bee hives to Batemans Bay now instead of up north, we have purchased a house on 5 acres and will be moving in July,
so should not be to hot and hopefully all goes well