Top bar hive where to buy

Hi, does anybody know where I can get a top bar hive , either complete or in a flat timber package.? Would like to use it next season to catch a swarm, possibly “evicted” from my newly settled wine barrel bees. :wine_glass::champagne:


Hi Wouter
I have been out of circulation for a while and just noticed your earlier question. If you do a search on Hancrafted Beehives you will find a gentlemen on the Vic coast who builds Kenyan and Long Lang hives. He delivers to Canberra periodically and will come around early Spring, so place an order ASAP.
Kind regards and Good Luck.

Hi Anton, yes I got to the webpage. TBH hives quite expensive so I decided to build one myself. Almost finished apart from the entrance holes which appears a bit dicey since there are contradictory opinions about. So I would like to throw this in the forum. Side entrances, if yes in the middle or at the end ? Front entrance, with the only apparent advantage that you need only one end bar. (actually I made three up so closing the space on both side when making a side entrance in the middle would not worry me ) Also any wisdom available on the diameter and number of entrances.? Judging from the time the bees spent without issues in my wine barrel a one time of hole the size of a wine barrel bung would suffice. Would love to hear from a TBH expert.