Think one of my hives swarmed

Hi all
I was away today and got a video from my wife at 1pm today

I got home about 4pm and took these photos.

So I am thinking that I have got them in a swarm hive I have had set a few weeks after seeing some bees hanging around the shed.
Set it up with 3 frames ( 2 of them where old honey frames).

So what do I do next.


Forgot I also put some lemon grass oil about the hive and some brood comb that I scraped from the top of a hive.

I would celebrate! The only threat I can see is crazy comb. Give it a short while and load the empty frame spaces with frames that have a FULL sheet of foundation upon them. Did wifey get any video of them swarming in? It’s an amzing sight and the bees have a real happy hum about them as well.



Wife sure did get a video of it, I have watched it a few times😃

Try this link

Just an update on the swarm I caught two weeks ago.
I added another box as when I looked at the hive on Wednesday they had drawn all the 10 frames out with comb and a lot of bees, as I had to move the swarm box off the stand it was on and when moving the bees came out in droves and flew around for several hours.
I noticed for the next couple of days bees flying all around this area in the photo, it is directly above the swarm catch.
And just now ( Saturday 2:30 pm) this I what I found.

As you can see a little cluster has formed, used to be a beehive in that spot about 5 or 6 years ago, could be longer and it was their for a lot of years.
So do you think they have moved in to that spot and robbing the hive that they swarmed to , here is a photo today of the box the swarm went into 2 weeks ago.
Looked OK to me.

And this is a photo of the two in relationships to each other.


What are your thoughts, could they have swarmed again?


Just had a look inside the swarm hive boxes, plenty of capped brood and larva.
Did not look real hard for the queen and my eye site not good enough to see eggs.

Will just wait and see