There are queen cells in my hive - how to better understand what the super colony is tell anyone who is listening

Hello Beekeepers

Thought is was getting close season wise to again share this great article on the different types of queen cell and what they mean to the hive and the beekeeper in the greater scheme of things. I cannot stress enough the greatest thing any of us can do as beekeepers is to open our mind to understand what the bees are communicating all be it through what we can observe them doing.

Anyway, I believe its probably the best article to explain all of this so I do hope you enjoy reading it and sharing your thoughts, comments and observations.

The opening advice within the article with regards to queen cells is gold, so I will repeat it here again.

There are three different types of queen cell:

  1. Swarm cells
  2. Supersedure cells, and
  3. Emergency cell

It is important to be able to correctly identify the three types of queen cell . Only the presence of swarm cells means that the colony is intent on swarming.

The other two types are there for entirely different reasons and this does NOT include any intention to swarm. Supersedure and emergency queen cells do not usually require any intervention from the beekeeper - except to leave the bees strictly alone and let them get on with it.

So, how do you tell the difference between the three types?