The adventures of Setting Up 40 - 60 Hives

Hello Keepers’

I used to live in Canberra, but now we are in Booral NSW which is about an hour and a bit NNW of West. I’m not a young man but I have gone west from where I grew up.

The property is small, at 18 acres but being on the Booral-Washpool Road has a vast gum tree stock to draw on. I have started with 5 hives transported from Canberra and these I split last weekend. I have not checked them to see how they are going. They will be good or no good, but the bloom is abundance so they should be OK?

This weekend the plan is to put down concrete pads to park 5 hives at a time on. These might get a roof in the future, or a hive hat? I just don’t know yet. I do know that having them near the shed and at a lean is no way to run a railroad and move they must.

Why concrete? I need the hives off the ground, the SHB don’t like it, it gives me a clean level space to work them, it’s strong and it will last.

I will be reporting this adventure in dribs and drabs.



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