Terracotta skep in Narrabundah

Still catching up on the photos we took when rescuing bee colonies in the season just passed…

Eric (@bbh) an I got called out after the homeowner noticed bees were coming and going from an overturned terracotta pot in his backyard.

After a small amount of smoke was applied, overturning the pot revealed not only that a swarm had taken up residence in the cavity, but that it had started to build comb down from the 'top' of the pot filling the cavity like a traditional skep style beehive.
After inspecting the colony for a few minutes, Eric spotted the queen (centre of shot) that had dropped into the leaf litter when the pot was overturned.
Luckily for us, the homeowner was generous enough to donate the pot, so a cardboard template was cut to size and taped up to enclose the 'bottom' of the pot. The queen was then placed back into the colony and the bees slowly trickled back in to the top entrance as night fell.
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