Swarm Lure Hive


I have just armed my lure hive with two scent satchels, one wiped and fully exposed, the other just cracked.



Did you end up using an ideal box?

My lure hive is getting a lot of attention… but that’s about it.

Hopefully with the number of swarm calls we are getting in, it’s an indication of the swarm season really ramping up and i’ll have some bees take a residence soon :smiley:

No. I am using 10 full size frames in a single box, as I expect the swarm to be of a decent size when it turns up. Plus the box is the on ready box when I get a swarm collection call. I have been looking at the hive, does not seem to be getting much attention. I need to get some foundation on those new frames. It’s sort of been a slack couple of days, plus I have had Uni.