Swarm call in Cooma

This week I had a call from a real estate agent who reported one of their tennant’s had a swarm of bees in their backyard.
It took 2 days for me 2 get to the residency by that time the swarm had moved on. As it’s not swarm season I’m interested to know what the reason would have been for a swarm to occur midwinter, we are currently experiencing snow in the Highlands and in Cooma it is bloody cold
The only reason I can think of that a swarm event would occur is if the hive was over run with vermin either being small Hive beetle or some other type of vermin.
There are quite a lot of wild hives in the surrounding Bushland and I suspect that this is the origin of the swarm that was reported

Information on how and what might have happened will be good if anyone has ideas or knowledge that they can pass on.

Cheers and thanks,


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Hello Phap,

at this time of the year, all be it for your area about 3-4 weeks prior to the start of swarming season, I believe that you’ll find that this swarm occurred as a result of a misfortune to the tree hollow that the bees had been living in. This can occur when the branch breaks off exposing the colony who opt to relocate through a forced eviction all be it without anywhere else to actually go at the worst time of the year to do so.

I don’d see them packing up and moving in the height of Winter due to SHB but this naturally could be the cause in Summer or Autumn where the colony had significant pollen stores that the SHB plunder at the earliest opportunity so do so and slime the hive.

Anyway, my 2 cents worth for what its worth in answer to your inquiry and associated questions.