Selling Honey from the Front Yard

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I have a flow on. I have been told the Canberra urban season we have is once in a generation stuff. Any thoughts on this? I am going to be bottling this weekend. Does anyone know the regulations for selling honey from the front yard?



I need to harvest from my stronger hive again, and I’ve already taken honey from them twice. They have yielded up over 40kg this season, and I’d say there’s another 20-something there now. My other hive lost it’s queen and I’m trying to get them back on track - imagine if I’d had both hives healthy!

I was wondering the same thing though…I’ve already sold some at my workplace, and I got to thinking that, hey, maybe this sort of thing is regulated! Well…health ACT has some info at …and there are some exemptions to regulation. Thing is…I can’t quite figure out if honey qualifies as a non-packaged food! This might be one I need to follow up, but if anybody has some solid information, I’d love to hear it.

I’m not too keen on paying $135 per annum for the privilege of selling a couple of hundred dollars worth of honey. I certainly won’t be doing it more than 5 times per year.

As for the act of setting up a stall in your front yard, which I think is more what you’re getting at…I’m unsure. I would have had no trouble selling 3x the honey I had available for my work colleagues though…without even painting a sign. I got rid of 18 kilos between my work colleagues and my wife’s. Gave away a bunch on top of that!

hello Damien,

As far as I can tell its exempt.

Hi Roland

I was leaning that way too…did you find out anything about selling from the front yard?

I think it’s worth raising at this point that the insurance provided by the Amateur Beekeeping Association of NSW (through affiliated clubs) covers the sale of honey and honey products by the individual.

The policy can be found here:

Their insurance also covers hives and beekeeping activities and makes the annual membership fee worthwhile. I can post details about registering with an ABA associated club if people are interested… it’s an excellent alternative to the ACT club and the registration process is completely online and seamless.

I can recommend the Paramatta club if you aren’t interested in attending meetings. They don’t charge a branch fee, provide an additional newsletter, and are a good sized established club.

My reading is that selling less than 5 times a year in a clean NEW jar you are golden!



@RBK That insurance policy was one of the main reasons I signed up for the ABA. I signed up on the ABA website about a month ago and chose the Yass club (being reasonably close to me) and have heard precisely nothing from either the ABA or the Yass club. Maybe they’re not up to speed again after Christmas … If I don’t hear from them soon, I will have to contact the ABA directly and ask them to redirect my membership application, in which case I may take your suggestion and go for Parramatta. I was thinking of joining the ACT association as well, as their meetings are going to be far more convenient to access, so not attending meetings isn’t going to be an issue.

The Yass club is only very new and they also ask for an additional fee on top of the the base ABA fee. The Parramatta club is established with a number of experienced beekeepers and was recommended to me by the ABA. The process to switch is pretty straightforward.

You can see some of the past Parramatta newsletters here

I am a member of the ACT association too, I would recommend attending a few meetings before signing up there.

Thanks. I’ll give Yass a few weeks to get their act together.


Do need food registration and fit-out plan (picture of kitchen showing bench tops). If NOT direct selling need a label and recall plan. I will post the links when I get them sent through or find them myself.



Food Business Registration Application 2018.pdf (636.2 KB)

Here are the forms. Enjoy!

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Cheers for chasing this up Roland, great info! :beers:

Im currently waiting for a reply from nsw food authority on what is needed in NSW for hobby beekeepers to sell honey. I’m fairly sure you need registration/approval at local council level for processing honey at home but asked anyway and a couple of other situations.
Selling full frames of comb honey & flow hives. In both these situations It is entirely possible for everything to be done in the bee yard so approval for the processing area would be the paddock the hives are in.
I will post a update when I get answers.

This was the best advice given to us by the NSW Beekeepers Facebook page about how to sell our honey last month. Hope it helps.

See the post below for the correct link

The Facebook link above links here:

Looks to be an excellent resource, thanks for posting @Phap

@RBK your welcome

Also apologies for the broken link :cowboy_hat_face:

Hello Team,

I have my registration. This is good news. The bad news…is that it cost $132 for one year and I’m classed as low risk.

This has prompted me to think that we should set up a progressive bee keeping co-operative and aim to sell our honey through that vehicle three or four times a year at the UC farmers market.

What do people think?



PS Holding off for a bit on labels until I see how sales and robbing goes this weekend.


Been thinking about this myself and looking to do a generic honey label that has a section for forum username, postcode/suburb and nutritional panel etc. all rolled into one. I like the idea of running a true collective where beekeepers get access to bulk labels/bottles/facilities and it’s BYO honey. Would also be a good way to get the branding standardised and the name out a bit (if others were interested).

Was going to talk to my graphic designer over the weekend to try and get some ideas together.

Best of luck with your robbing… i’m doing the same this weekend!

Hello Team,

I have been approved and I have modified a Word wine label. The label took hours. I should be in business this weekend.

Honey Label - pdf.pdf (78.3 KB)

Any progress with the idea of a Co-operative to sell honey? What sort of timescale would be likely?
I was planning my own Label, but would rather go with such a Co-operative arrangement, if it was going to happen!!