Robbing Season again

Currently with nectar sources dropping off and colonies strong after the good season there are many bees wandering around looking for something. As one sits out in the garden you will see many bees just wandering around checking. Even your coffee cup is not safe. Any time you carry out normal hive operations one quickly find there is suddenly a lot of attention from bees not from the hive you are working on and very quickly there is a robbing frenzy and you
find you hive looking like

What to do?
BBK has addressed the topic in February 2018.

My solution is to first completely close the entrance for 1-2 hours and then reduce the entrance to about 6-10cm. then if the onslaught persists I hang a wet towel across the front of the hive. This has the same effect as BBH’s glass screen. That night I install a robbing screen and if next day the frenzy is getting out of hand hang the wet towel across the front of the hive until they all come to their senses.

I actually have robbing screens on all of my weaker (relative) hives.

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