Report released on the biosecurity of Australian honey bees

Hi All,

Just thought i would share this report that was released today by The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources - ’Safe Keeping: inquiry into the biosecurity of Australian honey bees’. The report makes six recommendations to the Australian Government aimed at improving early threat detection and response strategies.

Have a read and see what you think. if nothing else at least it now seems to be on their radar.


Cheers for posting Kurt, it’s a good read.

Interesting that Dr Paul De Barro specifically mentions smuggling of queens (2.43 page 21). There was mention of this in the following article posted today without much context:

Hopefully the increase in focus will lead to better management/reporting strategies in the local region.

no worries as it turns out there was another report relating to bees done in 2008 which is also interesting for those who have the time to read it More Than Honey: the future of the Australian honey bee and pollination industries

This is an interesting read with a more in-depth look at bees and the industries associated with them.