Recommendation for local nuc suppliers

Hi all

I’m new to the forum and am thinking of setting up a backyard suburban hive for this spring.

Just wondering if people have recommendations for suppliers of nucs in the area. I’m also interested in when they become available or when would be the best time to set up the hive.

Thanks for your help.

Hello fellow beekeepers

We are again offering our high quality nucleus honey bee colonies, both 5 frame langstroth full depth and also KTB Nucs are available, this is our 16th year of continuous supply.

We offer these nucleus colonies with new season Italian queens as the norm but can supply Caucasian queens upon request.

We need to have your DPI hive registration number at the time of ordering, availability from October 2019.

All orders supplied on a first in first out basis.

We are also happy to mark queens and install Nucs direct into your new hive if this is preferred by the hive owner.

Once again we thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

AKA The Honey Bee Whisperer
Better Bee Hives
Bee Hive Registration # ACT999
Tel: 0414 501 578 (text or email preferred)

Email: [email protected]

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