Queen not laying

Hi all :slight_smile: New beekeeper here.

I installed a nuc in early December. Yesterday (1 Jan) I did my second inspection and found there were no eggs but the queen was present. There were (larger) uncapped brood, capped brood as well as nectar and a small amount of pollen. No capped honey. I have been feeding them a small amount of 1:1 syrup.

On my first inspection 2 weeks ago, there were still eggs and brood of all stages.

I only have the 1 hive so I don’t have access to a frame of eggs or young brood.

Is it time to order a new queen or should I observe the current one for a bit longer (or is it too late?)
Is it possible that the queen has a break from laying during the extreme heat?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more info if needed.

Hi Lewi, I’m not a very experienced beekeeper, but I’ve noticed periods of rest time for the queen when she doesn’t lay. This seems to coincide with the height of summer (and of course winter). Based on the silly hot days we had a few weeks ago, she may have just understandably taken a break! The fact that you saw both uncapped and capped brood bodes well.

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Thanks RachelP. That’s good to hear. I’ll wait until my inspection this Saturday and see if she’s started again.