Proving water for your bees all year round not just in Summer

As we head out of Winter & into Spring I am noticing more and more bees foraging in the garden around fallen leaves where there is nothing in flower, the bees land and walk through and under the leaves from oaks and the like clearly on an errand that they have purpose for. Carefully observing these bees will see them collecting due that has collected in the curled leaves, they typically do so when they are seeking to collect water to take back to their hives to help restore overwintered candied honey back into a liquid that they can use.

So, just a reminder to make sure your bees have water available for their use not only when its hot for cooling purposes but also for their other uses as outlined here, otherwise they will risk it from sources you may not have intended them collecting from like your neighbours swimming pool, pets water bowl or the like.



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It seems that the drought has been affecting the local bee population in the A.CT. The bees must be returning from their flight to the dry waterholes quite disappointed and thirsty. Aren’t they like ‘the canary in the mine’ showing us the severity of the drought in this period of winter/spring?

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