Protein patty supplement recipe... Do you use them

Found this protein supplement and looks really easy to make.
Anyone else out there got there own recipe to share.

And do you use them


Hi Len

there are a number of risks associated with feeding pollen/pollen substitute patties to bees and the biggest one typically encountered is the population explosion that occurs with Small Hive Beetles that are very rapidly attracted to these patties. I flag this as this a common experience with the beetles making more out of the patty feeding than the bees.

Also, egg protein used in bee feeds has been shown to hurt more than help, this is because the egg white contains avidin, a protein that binds biotin and makes it unavailable to the developing larva. Biotin is a vitamin B complex that is essential for growth and development in animals and insects. Several studies have been done where egg products were put into insect diets and they either slowed or stopped their growth all together.

So, multicoloured pollen that your bees have previously collected is best but remember make sure its from your own from healthy hives to avoid the risk of AFB and the like.

And if you think the risk of AFB from feeding pollen from hives that aren’t yours give the following article a read, it certainly highlights how it can all go horribly wrong if you buy pollen that isn’t irradiated first.


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thanks for your help Eric.
I have never feed anything other the sugar or syrup but had been looking at protein substitutes, Not sure if I would of ever got around to trying some.

But I will not now.


I’ve been trying some custom bee feed this year

I have a lot of winter/early-spring flowering red iron-bark in my suburb so was hoping to kick off breeding and keep up bee numbers for any warm days.
This year it has worked pretty well with the bees actively scrounging the bee feed and bringing back nectar on any sunny days.

It mightn’t work so well in wet weather or if there is no nectar about but this year it has been great.

Custom bee feed contains approx. 15-20% (irradiated) pollen which is definately attractive to the bees and so-far doesn’t look to be attracting aby shb.

Are you feeding in the hive on in the open?
When did you start feeding the supplement this year?
Are you doing this to build up colonies / nucs? or hives for honey production?

I had a huge amount of pollen in some of my hives last year so pulled the pollen bound frames and froze them to essentially supplement with this season. Haven’t tried any formulated supplements, but have seen custom bee feed mentioned before.

What’s the price like?