Prospective beekeeper with questions to ask

Hi all,

I am very interested in beekeeping and am currently doing lots of reading and YouTubing on the subject.

I am looking at buying a new Flow Hive sometime in the colder months for preparation when the weather warms up in Canberra later this year.

I am based in McKellar and I noticed that there was a bit of AFB happening in the Belconnen region a couple of years ago and am wondering whether the cases were still an ongoing spreading issue or has it diminished to a general vigilance and monitoring perspective?

As I will be starting anew and I will be seeking a nucleus of bees locally. Would it be best to find a supplier of bees where I can provide my own brand new brood box and if so should it be supplied before the cold weather sets in (is May too late?) in order to get a new hive settled, or should a brood box be supplied at a suitable time after the Canberra winter?

The hive will be positioned in a suburb thus wanting to find bees that are generally “calm & relaxed” is important.

Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions are most welcome. Is the local ACT Beekeepers Association active during winter thus starting a membership early is useful or should I wait till later this year.

Cheers and many thanks,

Hi Birty,

Definitely join the Canberra Region Beekeepers. They have monthly meetings and a good Facebook QA area. The meetings are a good place to get info and lectures are great for knowledge.

You should buy your bees now. Usually you order for delivery in the Spring. Suppliers are different, but you usually do not hand over your hive. Sometimes they send you a cheep corflute box or you bring your hive to transfer the bees over that day.

As for AFB, it’s vigilance and checking that your new nuc is disease free at purchase. Also running smaller colonies reduces risk of them robbing from a diseased colony.

Good luck

Many thanks for your reply Psyche,

I am planning on attending the Canberra Bee Association meeting for May 19 so I can get to know some keen and knowledgeable folk. As we are now into the cooler months getting practical experience is going to be very limited so it will be a faster learning curve come springtime :slight_smile:

Currently researching/looking into a nuc order.

Cheers! Birty.

Hi Birty,
Looking forward to see you on 19th May at CRB meeting at Harmonie club @7pm.
You should talk to many beekeepers which use different way of keeping bees, before you commit yourself to Flow Hive.
Every system has its pros and cons and you need to find one that suits your beekeeping style or needs.
At our last meeting on 21st April we had a presentation exactly on that subject.
All the best.