Predictions for the 18/19 Season


I know I have been quiet, but I was in Broome and there has been a lot on.

What is the reading of the waters for the coming season? I reckon we might have another good one coming. Already I am deluding myself that the two big yellow boxes in stone’s throw distance will flower and all will be grand.

What’s your thoughts?



Fingers crossed. I only have two hives, and one lost its Queen last season, and the hive failed to produce a new Queen (eventually they brought one up from donor brood). The strong hive produced a phenomenal amount of honey though. With both hives now queen-right, I’d be ecstatic to get double last year’s production!

Living in cooma and the local bees (not my hives) are seen out foraging on the Rosemary Bush in my backyard.

My bees are 30km away on my parents property at 1100m above sea level they have only had 3 snow days. My bees are reportedly actively foraging on the local blooms (yes there are winter flowering plants in the area)

So hoping for all 3 hives to survive the winter and a productive honey flow for the 18-19 season