Possum Box Extraction in Chapman 11 Feb

Hello Team,

If you have gear, in great order, and would like to watch/help a possum box extraction this weekend please respond. The colony is about three months old and has completely filled a possum box and is overflowing from it. There is some height, but it looks step ladder reach. I’m expecting a recent quantity of comb from it.



0409 643 805


We got about 15 - 20 of honey of it. Started putting the brood into elastic banded frames. But the bees started to get very angry and the one time domestic gloves did not really cut it, so the balance was placed in the hive and the bees can sort it out down the track. I know it’s crazy comb on a stick, but it was starting to get dangerous with first time bee people.

I picked up about 4 or 5 decent stings in my right thumb, but still a really good morning. Pictures on the next update.