Plans for the 2017 Season?

My Brothers’ and Sisters’ and those a bit in between!

We are about 5 weeks out from swarm season, sooner if it warms up well. What are your plans for the season? Mine are very modest, I want to catch a swarm to replace the colony I lost at Burra.

I also want to give away a few swarms to keepers’ wanting their first colony. In the category of ‘Moon River’ cue the late great Andy Williams, I am also entertaining the delusion of a great season and the gum tree across the road coming into flower.

A quick 10kgs of honey would really help things around the place.

What are your plans/dreams/desires? Let’s hear them.




I’m just keen to get my hives through their first Spring and to see my garden flourish due to the work of my pollinating friends!


I’ve already started frame production for the 2017 season, hoping to get some of it out of the way before we get too busy! Some of the frames are going into catch boxes (friendly name as bait hives sound ominous). Will be working with Eric to place these in locations that we have had regular swarms in previous years (eg. from tree hollows etc.)

The Warre hive that I posted needs some final things done (painting roof/lid). Going to add the optional bottom bars to the frames and put some guide comb in the frames before adding an early swarm from the season.

I have about 100 frames in a freezer including Flow frames that I need to thaw. Will come up with a process for this and post how the bees react to a Flow super that has been frozen all winter (honey and all)!

Hoping to slowly expand the forum readership over the beekeeping season and get some new beekeepers into the hobby!

…and last but not least… swarm collection and assisting new beekeepers in getting started.