Optimising the flow - Flow Hive Workshop

Flow Hive® Optimisation

This practical, hands on, workshop covers all that you need to know as a Flow Hive® owner. We cover;

  1. Hive assembly and the hive components explained,
  2. Sourcing honey bees – the options explained so you can avoid the pitfalls,
  3. Site selection for your hive, the do’s and don’ts.
  4. Optimising your Flow Hive® – what you need to know from those that know and avoiding the pitfalls,
  5. Feeding you bees to ensure success, what, when, how and why
  6. Pests and diseases, what you need to know explained in plain English so you can manage the risks effectively,
  7. PPE – Personal protective equipment, what’s what so you can avoid being stung by the bees and also financially so you don’t buy unnecessary items,
  8. Introduction to the beekeeping tools and equipment that you will also need and how to use these correctly and safely (smoker, hive tool, small hive beetle traps, etc)
  9. Safely opening your hive and the correct method of handling the bees to ensure you all remain happy, by ‘all’ we also mean the bees……………….
  10. Managing your Flow Hive® - taking local conditions into consideration to avoid the traps,
  11. Seasonal hive management, what, when, how and why
  12. Harvesting honey and other hive products (wax, pollen, propolis)

Please note: The Flow® and Flow Hive ® are registered trademarks of honeyflow.com.au and for more information about them please visit their website, thank you.

Our beekeeping courses typically fill very quickly so early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.


Eric (aka The Honeybee Whisperer)
Tel: 0414 501 578

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