Newbie Question - Heating Wire for Embedding Wax Foundations

Hi All

Trying to heat up wire to embed fax foundations. I have previously used a car battery with wires direct from terminals to frame wire with no issues. Just got some pre wired frames and it must be thinner wire and the power is just melting the frame wire. Is there a simple way to reduce the volts/amp of a car battery or can someone suggest another method/tool.

Thanks in advance



Haven’t seen this issue myself, but I don’t use a car battery. I personally use a car battery charger.

I have also used purpose built embedding tools which heat spikes which are then pressed against the wax and wire. These may give you more control over the heat applied. They recommend using 12v battery or car battery charger.

Speaking to someone at the club last week they mentioned a heated embedder tool which looks like a soldering iron with a spur wheel on the end. This isn't something I have used, but a tool they highly recommended. These can be found on eBay (sorry, can't recommend a specific seller):

Lastly, you could use a spur wheel embedder. When using these, I would recommend an embedding board to sit inside the frame under the wires to push the wires on to. I personally haven't had the best experience with them as I find the heat when the frame is placed in the hive often undoes the work of the spur wheel, with the wax falling off the wires.

Another method which may improve the outcome is to heat up two wires at once. Not sure if this is how you are currently contacting the wires but rather than contact each end of a single wire

You can place both terminals at one end and heat two wires at a time

Many thanks RBK for you advice.
I have ordered a heated embedder tool off ebay to try out.

I will let you know how I go with it.

Many thanks again