New Zealand Pharmapac Jars

Hello Keepers’,

I am entertaining the mad thought that we will have a great season. I have a great price of new jars and lids from NZ. The terrible cost is freight, which dwarfs the cost of the jars. Is anyone else thinking of buying 200 clear hex shape jars with white lids? We can do a deal and save a bucket of money in freight costs.



PS I am pulling 20kg I think out of a hive this Saturday morning. Message me if you would like to rock along for Benny Hill extracting.

Hi. What volume can the jar that you are looking at hold? I realise shipping will change according to how many others chip in, but roughly what is the cost per jar? I probably wouldn’t need more than 50 if they are a medium (400ml?).

Same questions as @Wickett, and do we have any photos?


If they are plastic, I am out.

Hello Wicket and RBK,

They are a clear plastic hex shape and hold 500g (water) which bulks up to 600g of honey. I am looking at getting 400 jars and lids, so breaking off 50 is easy. I think its $NZ 300 for freight for 200 and $50 more for 400. I know where your coming from in only wanting to pack in glass and from the street I have only sold in glass, but a 1 kg flip lid glass jar is $5 a time and the punters moan about it.

I have a $5 off coupon if they hold the jar while I fill from the tank. Otherwise its against the law.

Plastic appeals as the shipping cost for airmail goes down quite a bit. Still, I would rather ship in glass, but I have had one break in transit and I think the plastic can take a knock better.

Please let me know readers’, if we band together we can make things happen.



PS Checking Belco Stinger to rob in the next few minutes.

Hi. Sorry, roughly how much is it per jar before freight? If I factor in $1 for freight per jar I just want to know roughly what I am looking at per jar. I don’t sell my honey, I just give it away to friends and family at present, so I try to keep costs on my containers as low as possible. That’s why the small number of jars I require too - 50 will keep me going for ages!

If your looking for jars this website looks good

hello team,

Freight for 500g x 400 clear hex shape caps and jars is $NZ 451.92

400 jars is $NZ 218.92
400 caps is $NZ 91.24

Grand Total $NZ 762.08

Which is $A 1.91 for a cap and jar.

The price come down a bit due to exchange rate and then go up a bit due to GST. But you have change from $2.00 for a cap and jar.

What do people want to do?



I have just written to Plasdene to find out how much they are selling for as well. I will keep you posted.



Just to close the loop. Penders have 500g square plastic jars and lids for 80 each or 75 a hundred plus postage. Let me know if you want in on an order. I am getting a hundred.



If that’s the sort of jars you are looking for then iwoohoo sell square and hexagonal ones in lots of 200 or so for 70c including freight to Canberra

I use 1kg buckets from and 500g hexagonal glass jars from plasdene but they’re nearly always out of stock.

If anyone on here felt the urge to get all entrepreneurial and bring a pallet of them in from China I’d probably be willing to chip in for a quarter of the pallet. hint hint