New 8 frame Ideal depth boxes and frames for sale - suit Flow Hive

Hello fellow beekeepers,

in the spirit of responsible beekeeping I ordered in 10 x flatpack Ideal depth wooden (8 frame) Supers and frames to suit. These are all flatpack boxes and frames so they will need assembling but as they are 8 frame (width) they are ideally suited for Flow Hive owners for those beekeepers interested in creating a honey Super for their bees or even in creating some comb honey to enjoy.

These boxes and frames are all Alliance (NZ) brand so are manufactured from NZ grown timber to ISO9001 standards so they fit together like a glove.

Price are;

$35.00 each (flat pack 8 frame Super),

$ 2.00 each (flat pack Ideal depth frame)

eyelets are also available as is 304 stainless steel wire and wax foundation if you also need any of these.

Email or text is usually the best option but also feel free to call to order but please note that it is bee season so if I miss your call I will typically call you back within the hour where your number is listed, thank you.

Mention this posting when ordering and receive a free ‘queen catcher’ with your order

Eric Davies
Tel: 0414 501 578