My first attempt at making some Mead

Never made Mead before, so here goes my first attempt.
I am trying an easy way first " Joe’s ancient orange mead".
I will have to wait a couple of months to see the outcome.

Way back in 2008 I tasted some two year old Mead at the Canberra show and it was like Drano. The five year much sweeter, 10 year to die for. Patience grasshopper!

Do you have a recipe to share on how you made it

I sure do.
Now it says this recipe does not take as long as traditional mead recipes to be ready to drink, but like all things age is better. :wink:

I did not put any spices in mine.

Mason Jar Size: 64 oz.
1 ¾ lbs Clover Honey (you can try different honey varieties for different flavors!)
½ Large orange (later cut in 1/8ths or smaller; rind and all)
½ small handful of raisins (13 if you count)
½ stick of cinnamon
½ whole clove (or 1 if you like - these are very strong!)
Optional (a ½ pinch of nutmeg and allspice)
½ teaspoon of Fleishmann’s bread yeast (you can find this in your grocery store)
Balance water to ½ gallon
Dissolve honey in some warm water and pour into your mason jar
Wash orange well and add orange
Put in raisins, clove, cinnamon stick, and fill to 3 inches from the top with cold water.
Gently shake your jar to aerate your honey water
When at room temperature in your kitchen, put in ½ teaspoon of bread yeast.
Install your Go Ferment kit. It will start working immediately or in an hour. After major foaming stops in a few days add some water and then keep your hands off of it. Try not to shake it after this point.
After 1-2 months, it will be complete and the mead will be relatively clear! Then you can put a hose in with a small cloth filter on the end into the clear part and siphon off the golden nectar. If you wait long enough even the oranges will sink to the bottom but I never waited that long. If it is clear it is ready!

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The fermenting process has begun

This link
Is the place to have a read if anyone is interested in making some mead


Just an update on my mead making.

Been 6 weeks since starting, it is starting to settle a bit but you still see the very odd bubble in airlock now and then.
Some of the cinnamon and the odd raisin have fallen to the bottom

What’s the current guess on cellaring time?

Hi Roland63
They say it is ready to drink as soon as it clears.
The recipe says 1 to 2 months.

Is there any chance of another update? We are almost 6 months down the track, what does it taste like?



Hi Roland
Yep the Mead is all done, my wife says it is very very tasty.
I got 3 bottles out of it, will be certainly brewing another batch.
I backed sweetened a couple of the bottles because my wife likes it sweat and I left 1 bottle as it was brewed to see how sweet it is, have not tried this bottle as yet.
Would recommend trying a brew