Mind your own beeswax - LOL

There is a popular story that says back in the 18th and 19th centuries, women who suffered from disfiguring marks left by small pox used beeswax to smooth out their complexion. One suggested theory is that if someone got too close or was staring too long, a woman would say “mind your own beeswax,” as in, “stop staring at mine.” Another is that the beeswax would start to melt if a woman sat too close to the fire, and their companions would have to tell them to “mind their own beeswax” which was dripping off their chins.

Whilst bees wax isn’t needed for such things anymore I wondered what people were doing with the bees wax they they collect through the year as all beekeepers do. Of late my daughter and I have recast ours into various shapes to on sell for various uses, which seems to grow every year as people hear that we have some bees wax for available.

I thought I would share the following images of the most recent efforts, next to a can of baked beans to help identify the size.

Anyway, anyone else doing anything interesting with their wax?



That was really nice. Thanks for sharing the link.