Mesh screening for TBH

Hi, I’m making a horizontal top bar hive and have decided to go down the route of a mesh screen floor, to help control small hive beetle. Does anyone know of a local supplier of appropriate screening? I will prob also fit a hinged solid floor to help keep out the winter chill!

Bunnings metal fly screen? why not just put an Apithor cassette in there?

I found some on eBay - about $11 for a 30cm x 60cm piece of #8 304 stainless steel mesh. Just big enough for my hive but perhaps too small for your top bar.

Good tip. And thinking about it, the entire bottom doesn’t need to be mesh. Maybe just a long strip on each side of the bottom board, as I have read that the bees chase the beetles down the walls…

Thanks Roland, but bunnings don’t stock the coarse mesh (#8) needed. And I dont use insecticides if I can at all avoid it.

Hi Wattle bloke, I recently made a TBH myself. (see pictures on the forum) I used for bottom mesh heavy shade cloth which I stapled tightly to the box. I put two rectangular aluminium guides (L} on the short sides in which a wooden plank can be slid tight to the shade cloth, The plank can be placed at any position to allow partly or total coverage of the bottom. Hope this explanation is clear. If needed I can send some more photos .


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Sounds like a well thought out solution!

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I would like to trap a swarm in my newly built TBH. Apart from lures etc. what is the best way to draw them in
!/ by removing one or two top bars and leave the hive roof open; or
2/ leave only the four holes open in the front of the hive open:or
3/ do both.

In case none of the above has worked before the end of November where can I buy a healthy colony.



I left my new tbh unattended and the bees moved in by themselves, through the front door holes. I had painted it with a mixture of 10/1 linseed oil and beeswax, I don’t know it this made it smell nice to them.

Hi Woulter

I would do #2 and then scent the hive with wax and lemongrass oil

Note you have to have a swarm near by

You had a swarm hole up in the wine barrel last year so if the season is good you will have another one in your area from the bush bees

BTW hows your hive going this year I have had to feed my bees as there’s no nectar flow in Buckenderra where I have moved my hives to

Noting that I’m now living in town I decided to move my bees to the parents farm