Making a bee scoop for your swarm collection kit

One of the quickest and easiest tools you can make to ease the swarm collection process is a bee scoop. This scoop comes in handy if the swarm of bees is clumped on a solid, flat object such as a fence or wall. The scoop can also be used for easily removing swarms from the ground (eg. footpath).

To make the scoop, cut the bottom off a milk container with a pair of scissors… and it will end up looking something like this:

It’s best to find a milk container that has the handle of the carton on the side/flat surface rather than the corner, as it makes holding the scoop against flat surfaces easier:

Here is a scoop in action last year removing bees from an ornamental structure in a backyard:

We also have a video of the bee scoop in action from the first swarm of last season on a wooden post:
@Roland63 was also spotted using a bee scoop in the following swarm collection