Labels for Honey Jars/Bottles

Any suggestions where I can source labels for my Honey Jars/Bottles locally would be most welcome.
What about some guidance in terms of Selling Price for 500 gr bottles and 1 Kg tubs?
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Hi Anton,

I would recommend Sticker Mule (strange name, great product + service)

I have had multiple runs of fridge magnets with them from this website and the speed of delivery + quality has been excellent. They also offer die cut stickers if you’re planning to take over the world with your label design! :smiley: Just be aware that pricing is in USD… and they definitely reward/preference bulk ordering.

I ordered the stickers for the tops of my current jars from VistaPrint and I am not 100% with the quality of the sticker, the print/screen isn’t as crisp as i’d like and the sticker is a bit too papery and doesn’t handle moisture well (eg. rinsing bottle).

As for price, I think $10.00 for about 350g and slightly more for 500g is fair. When you start selling in 1kg tubs etc. I think the product gets devalued and you won’t have success asking much for that much bulk… I also find people don’t want too much more than about ~400g when bottled with common feedback “we don’t eat that much honey!”.

Keen to hear what others have found… I am always trying to get the right mix of bottling/labelling cost and amount of honey.


I just found they now have a honey label category.

Hello Team,

Anyone know of a Canberra based graphic designer for the artwork? Reject Shop has jars, but the recent batch they had have a raised pattern on the outside. I want flat square pattern so a label will sit better. Anyone have ideas on where to get?



These have been done locally. Why would you use offshore company’s! ,are they going to buy your honey?Moonbah Honey Jars|516x500


I took a little different approach to pricing mine, had a good think about what price I would be happy with for honey alone. Decided $10/kg would satisfy me, I then triple my packing costs to cover my time and effort in packing it and add it to the $10/kg honey price.
I am using mainly plastic 500g jars $8.20 and 1kg tubs $15.20 for local sales so there is a saving for customers purchasing the larger tubs but you are not discounting your honey to achieve it simply passing along the cheaper cost of packing in larger containers.

For labels I print my own Avery has a large selection of printable labels and software online to allow you to design your own. I have the basic design saved and just change the size, date etc and print as many as I need each time I bottle. I dont have nutrition info on my label, I can buy them preprinted for 4c so it isnt worth the effort or added cost of intergrating it into my label.

Thank you, to everyone for your input - I now have some ideas to consider for mine!!

Didnt mention it in my previous post but since adding the 1kg tubs Im finding I am selling almost as many as 500g jars. My experience might differ but I’m finding people seem to use very little honey with a 500g jar lasting them 12 months or a lot. I have some who buy a 1kg tub per month.

I would stick with 500g and smaller to start I wouldn’t say all but a lot of my 1kg sales are to repeat customers who started buying jars.

Where are you sourcing these bottles from, are they 500ml?

I get my smaller bottles from @BBH on here (Better Bee Hives) and they are ~250ml or ~320g. He also sells some 1kg bottles with a honeycomb patten around the top which are really nice.

Do you have a source for the nutrition labels? I have only seen Hornsby selling them, interested if anyone else also sells them.

If people are after honey buckets, Magnum are a good supplier:

I bought some nutrition labels from Penders yesterday.

I have been grabbing mine from Hornsby but I think a few places have them.

I found these nutritional labels on eBay last night and had a laugh… I think they have overshot the sodium a little :smiley:

Pity they don’t make these anymore !

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That triangle bottle is very nice! never seen anything like that for sale.

Great find there. I would love to get a casting of that jar to make candles!

If anyone is planning to place an order labels with stickermule, drop me a PM as I have a $10.00 discount code for a new sign up I can share.