Introduce yourself

Greetings. I’m a 2 yr old L plate beekeeper, with 1 Langstroth hive (1 deep + 3 supers) in my yard. I live on the beach in Tassie so my bees have their back to the ocean. My bees were a gifted swarm - they are darker, abit feisty and keep me on my toes. Am interested in Canberra beekeeping because we have some climatic similarities.

I’ve recently completed a beekeeping course through CIT run by Eric Davies.
At this stage, due to my commitment to leave the Canberra area, I won’t be establishing a hive at this time. My intent is to learn through helping others, reading and talking to others as much as possible before establishing my hives where I intend to live.
I recognize I’m a numpty with a tiny bit of knowledge in helping a hive stay happy and healthy and hope the Canberra beekeeping community could pass on their best practices and guidance. Although learning from mistakes is an excellent education aid, I’d like to ensure future mistakes are kept to a minimum when I’m let loose with my own hive.
So, happy to listen, help and learn from all

Hello, I live a little bit away from Canberra, Central West NSW with a similar climate. I have a Warre hive and have had a Langstroth that failed early in the spring and am President of the newly formed Orange Beekeepers Group. We are affiliated with ABA NSW.
I started feeding my bees today, they have a full box of honey but I thought they needed a bit of assistance because of the ongoing drought. Looking forward to discussions with your group

Hi, I am looking to start keeping bees, really just for having our own honey. We are on a property outside Canberra with a reasonably large garden so it would be great to have our own bees. Wondering if someone could recommend a good intro course as a starter. We are thinking of a flow hive but would welcome thoughts as to the ‘best beginner hive’.

Hello Bee forum people
Could I have some advise please, last year I did the bee course and we all know plenty of things have happened since then. Anyway I was given a hive with no warning. The hive ended up swarming a few days later which a beekeeper came and collected the hive. I was advised not to disturb the hive for a couple of weeks which I thought was a bit long but followed the advice. So I have checked the hive I have a queen but no eggs as yet only a few bees hatching still from previous queen. What should I do just wait and see if the new queen starts laying the problem is I don’t have any new bees hatching,
Feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all and out of my depth can I have some advise please
Thank you

My name is Libby
I live in Melbourne and wish to learn how best to look after my bees.
I live on a few acres of land at a foothills of Dandenong ranges.
I’m in love with bees but ned knowledge and practice to do them justice and that is why i joined this platform.
I only have 2/ 8 frames box hive with a super on top .I would like to arrange to have one brood box for easy management but i cant find the Queen and don’t know the best and easiest way to achieve this.
i hope there is someone that will be able to give me some advice please.