Introduce yourself

Look like great frames :smiley:

If you are having issues posting multiple pictures let me know, were you posting from a phone/iPad? There shouldn’t be any issue dragging on as many as you want!

I think it must be a forum setting when I went to post I got a pop up saying new members are restricted to one photo per post
No trouble attaching again here so not really an issue.


Thanks for the info, I will look at modifying the limit.

Looks like a great spot from the photo… time to fire up that extractor! :honey_pot:

Would be good to meet and touch base. Also there is a new fellow over a South Bowning who would also like to get in touch

message me your contact at 0401261150


My name is Geoff, I have been beekeeping since November 2016, and absolutely loving it.

Great to join your forum, looking forward to having a good read through the posts.

I have 2x flow hives, one is four boxes Including the super, after a recent successful split the other is two boxes, no super until next spring.

I live in the far south of Canberra, the honey flow has been really great so far this year, Have harvested about 28kg, the frames are filling nearly full again, this will be used to sustain both hives through the winter.

Thanks for having me on your forum, will talk soon.

Thanks Geoff

Hey Guys,

I’m Adrian Chapman and my Mum Diane Chapman we decided to get into bee’s as it’s been in the family from Mum’s side for many years.

We live on the South side of Canberra in Richardson and we have been a little premature in setting up our langstroth bee hive for this spring. We are going to see if we can get a swam using lemon grass oil on a tissue and snap lock bag trick, see how that goes.

We have now been to 2 Canberra Bee associations meetings which have bee great to learn from and have done the basic Bee keeping with John which was also great.

Anyway just wanted to say hi to all and good luck with this years honey yields.

Hi all
I’m new to bees. My nuc was picked up in April and transferred to an 8 frame box ( part of a flow ). I’m in Wamboin and it has survived the winter and is expanding as there are a lot of local flowers in bloom. I’m on 20 acres with surrounding blocks of bush and gardens. I’m a member of beekeeping Act and my hive is registered. I’m off to a course soon and am really looking forward to getting another nuc in October.
Cheers Liz

Hello all,

Elliott here. Great to be part of the forum. Fairly new to bee keeping. Got my first hive, a polystyrene Langstroth, from a colleague at work just before winter last year. Fed the bees regularly over winter and have a very strong spring hive, looking to split soon. Live on the Southside in the Weston creek area.

Welcome @Elizabeth,

20 acres and then some… sounds like an ideal setting! I have posted a bit of content on here regarding Flow (and the Flow forum) so if you have any questions let me know.

I know several beekeepers in Weston Creek, definitely a great place for them with the amount of established trees in the suburbs. Do you plan on running two hives this season?

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Yes there’s lots of good trees and bushes around my place and in close proximity for the bees.
I’d probably be aiming for three by the end of the season as the hive looks strong, and I have a few spare hives that I have been putting together.

Hi Guys I am New to the field of Bees but really excited to learn what I can. I Moved from Canberra 10 years ago to Live in Greece. Doing Permaculture / eco regeneration in both Greece and OZ and want to do a course in oz December or January if Eric has something available. Recently I posted a chance sighting of a UFO which went viral so now my site dedicated to saving the world as we know it, in a garden, has been kicked along due to this post. Annoying. If you are interested Here is a link to a permaculture in Corfu job I really loved doing.

My name is Ken Baldry, I started doing Eric’s beekeeping course today, fascinating. I come from outside Canberra and can’t wait to get started with bee’s!

G’day! Paul here, have been intersted in beekeeping for ~10 years or so, but back then we decided to wait until the coming baby would be a bit bigger! He’s now 9, and I bought an 8 frame deep from Bindaree Bees on the weekend, have put it together, and will be getting some paint to get it sorted on the weekend.

I’m doing the ACT Beekeeping Association course on 3/10 November, very much looking forward to that! Have been watching all the youtubes on bees, and have started reading the in depth free guide I saw posted here somewhere.

So thanks for putting up this forum for Canberra Beekeepers, it’s been a good resource so far!

@BBH I’ll probably be calling in the morning to chat about getting a Nucleus at some point soon!

Edit: I’m in Holt :slight_smile:

A few years ago I did a beekeepers course but I was put off by the weight of the hives and combs as I have a bad back. Last weekend I did a natural beekeepers course with Adrian Iodice and I’m currently building my Kenyan Top Bar hive. Beekeeping with no bending or picking up heavy objects - yeah! Anyway, soon I will be looking for a swarm and needing to find some gear (if anyone has things to sell, please get in touch). I will also be needing a lot of advice and support. I’m looking forward to being part of the group.

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Greetings all,

I’ve been reading and posting here for a couple months, but not introduced myself. I’m very new to beekeeping, but since the end of July, my late evenings have been spent learning about beekeeping. My hobbies already include gardening and nature spotting so this seemed like a good fit. I think a tipping point was learning about the flow hive and the design really captured my inner engineer and biologist.

I’m a native Utahn, but I’ve been living in Canberra for 3.5 years. My avatar is the Utah state seal, which has a beehive. My partner is supportive, but not involved in my new hobby. I have two kids, 4 and 2 years old that are excited to have bees.

My nuc was finally ready last Sunday. Totally unplanned, the hive entered my yard at 11:00 AM on 11/11/18, the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. In honor, I named the colony Poppy.




Morning and thanks for the opportunity . I’m not a Canberra region resident , but live in Helensburgh , south of Sydney by about 50 kilometres. . A fairly new amateur bee keeper , but enjoying it immensely . I have built up to 6 hives and so far all is going well . I never thought when I first started , that there was so much to learn . Very lucky where we live , with Royal National Park literally across the road and a fantastic source of food for my hard working little troopers . Thanks for all the information provided on the site , and I wish you all a healthy and honey overload for 2019 ,Col

Hi people,
My name is Mark, I’m in Spence and have a single 8 frame Lang’ with a diminutive and diminishing bunch of bees due to robbing and potential mismanagement. They are currently limping along but may die out at any moment.
First priority is to build some swarm traps. Longer term I will be building a hive from Hebel bricks with rear door access from the Slovenian hives but taller and thinner akin to a Warre.
I’m convinced that our hives lack insulation when compared to a tree and will be experimenting with other materials, double walls and insulation.

First I need swarms.


Hi everybody, I am Eduardo,live in Theodore, I am semi-retired and getting ready to start as a beekeeper, I have a wild colony living in a sleeper retaining wall for the last 4 or 5 years, they are doing well judging by their numbers, I have a new polypropylene hive freshly painted (Paradise Beebox), new frames with wax foundation and have made a beevac to help getting the girls to their new home.
I plan to install their combs in frames and hopefully find the queen to move to the new hive. the bees appear to be gentle and healthy and I feel positive about moving them.
Any advise from more experienced beekeepers is welcome.
I will report on progress.

That existing (sleeper cell?) colony is happy and thriving. In a few weeks time they are likely to throw off a swarm.
A little lemon grass oil and your new hive could act as a swarm trap without uprooting a happy colony.

I don’t yet have a beehive, but I have an established native plant garden. Annually, bees work the flowers, though not more than half-a-dozen bees at a time, which mystifies me as, on past experience in another suburb (Giralang), I hosted many – especially in springtime.

A particular frustration is that a plum tree, through flowered annually for nine years, never bears fruit. This year it has flowered abundantly, again. But not a visiting winged-creature appears. Why… the locality? the plant itself? sprays and anti-insect substances? proximity to heavy road traffic?
no bee hive/population in viable proximity? …

Suggested solutions appreciated.

John Arundel
Bruce 2067