If your Flow Hive gets AFB and needs irradiation treatment - MUST READ

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and just a reminder to anyone with a Flow Hive that is identified with AFB you need to only ever send this to the QLD Branch of Steritech as otherwise the radiation treatment will damage the plastic mechanisms that are the flow frames.

This is clearly outlined in the fine print, for those that understand it, where it states;

Note: Polypropylene components have been shown to deteriorate when exposed to doses 28kGy and above. Steritech NSW cannot guarantee the dose will stay under 28kGy and is not held liable for any damage caused by the treatment. It is advisable to remove polypropylene items or contact Steritech QLD who can assist you…

The form for the QLD Steritech treatments, which again are the only safe AFB treatment for Flow Hives in Australia can be accessed from;

Anyway, just through it was important to flag this from the outset so you dont unexpectedly ‘cook’ your Flow Hive unexpectedly by sending it off to the wrong Steritech treatment plant unknowingly…

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