I was sent this article about Frankenbees. personally if these are allowed out it will be the end of humanity

Any thoughts

Agreed, there no way in the world this cannot go anything but bad.

I’m probably making some enemies by saying this, but GMO’s are not evil. Genetics and GMO’s are a tool, like a hammer, scalpel or fishing net. They can be helpful or destructive depending on how it is used. Genetics is just not as intuitive as other tools and pop culture has made lots of claims that just are not reality.

Husbandry has been in use for a couple millennia. Most people are comfortable with husbandry, but this tech was what created Africanized bees. Husbandry, like GMO’s, are a tool for good and bad. Many GMO creations are just accelerated selecting.

The pesticide resistant bees in the article may have consequences depending on how they are implemented. The round-up resistant crops like corn are devistating because farmers use toxic levels of poison on the crop that can pollute the environment, create monocrop cultures and contaminate food. Cross pollination with local grasses and weeds may end up making weed plants resistant faster than natural selection and destroy an effective herbicide. Something similar may happen with bees.

The following video is a humorous, but informative explanation of CRISPR.

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I agree with you and John Oliver who gets a bit deeper into gene-cut-and-paste technology than the article. Also, the article overstates the level of humans’ food dependency on honey bees’ pollination as wheat, corn and rice are wind-pollinated, soya beans are self-pollinated, propagation of potatoes and sweet potatoes happens through tubers and some other plants native to Africa need to be propagated by cuttings. Still, there is lot to pollinate by bees.