How does harvesting work?

Hi Folks,

I’m new to bee keeping and I am ready to harvest 12 full depth frames. Hooray, the bees survived their first season with me.
My question is - is it normal for everyone to have their own centrifuge? It seems a bit much to have one and use it a couple of times a year for, in our case, the one hive that we have. They seem quite bulky and expensive to have one sitting around all year for the once or twice that it’ll get used per year.



If you are member of the club (Canberra Region Beekeepers Association) you can use theirs, which is usually hard to get.
I have decided to go 50:50 with my best friend who has similar bee hygiene and biosecurity standards as me.
I recommend 4 frame electrical tangential extractor if you are buying one.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve pretty much decided to head out to Bindaree this weekend and check out their manual one ( I’ll look at buying a small extractor. And, as the plan is to move to top bar hives at some point it probably won’t be an electric one.
There seems to be a pretty large variability in the pricing for harvesters, are their brands I should avoid or things I should look for specifically?

I’ve been looking at the club membership but I was concerned about availability. I hadn’t considered the bio-security implications of large scale sharing of club harvesting equipment.


You mention that you are aiming to go to top bar hives, in which case an extractor will become obsolete.
If you went for a wax press, it could be used now and long into your top bar future.

We decided to buy an extractor. The idea being that in the future we’ll use the frames and build a horizontal langstroth. It seems to be a fair compromise and maintain the ease of use of langstroth frames and it will stop me having to bend down for inspections etc. Also, the squareness makes it easier to build and find poly insulation to make it Canberra suitable.
now to build more storage space in the garage :slight_smile: