Honeybee smokers for sale - stainless (NEW) $40.00


as we rapidly approach the EFY I thought we would offer up another great deal to those beekeepers struggling during the COVID-19 social distancing period and also those new to beekeeping or considering taking up beekeeping when all this craziness is over.

So, $40 will get you a brand new, stainless steel, honey bee smoker, happy to post/ship for those that cannot drop in to collect - just let us know where, simple as that. CC accepted and yes we have ‘Airpay’.

These are great smokers and are built to last, you’ll likely end up bequeathing it in your will to your grandkids…

Pick up from Holder, Weston Creek (ACT) 2611

Email or text is best in the first instance.

Kind regards & keep safe.

aka The Honeybee Whisperer

email: [email protected]

Tel/Text: 0414 501 578

You still out there Eric? Web your site is not responding.


Yes mate just moving the website from one provider to another, how can we be of assistance please?


0414 591 578