Honey Jars available locally

I found a local source for honey jars, good prices.
Check out Visy Boxes and More at 86 Yass Road Queanbeyan.

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What is the pricing? Can see anything about jars on their website.

For 24 jars and lids
250ml $13.52
275ml $16.16
500ml $18.01

Thank you @Mervyn I will look into it

Are they plastic or glass?

they are glass jars xxxx

As of 1st January 2020 the minimum order at Visy Boxes and More is $150. Lot’s of jars.

I questioned them about this.This is he case if you put i a special order, But if you go in and buy from the shop you can get a tray for $16 . What I do is call and check that they have them available and go in when they have them.
Odd but ??

I have been buying the big flip lid jars from Lincraft when they go sale. You can get quite a few when they are 50% off. It would be handy if I had some honey to put into them, but what can you do in a drought?