Hive positioning

Hi folks,
Looking for some guidance. We’ve kept our bees alive into their third year, go us, and we’ve relocated the hive for some major garden work. When we first placed the hive it was entirely for the bees needs not ours. Honestly, we thought it would be harder to keep them alive. This meant we lost about 60% of our garden to flight path and guard bees. Now the hive is out we’re enjoying being able to garden and are thinking about moving them to more of a fringe spot. My question - what does an established colony of strong bees, actually, need in a site?

Currently the leading contender is a storm water easement on the East of our property. This site is adjacent to a neighbour’s 1.8m colourbond fence, and have shrubs on the West of it 2-3m away. Also about 4-5m from our AC unit, which is serviced annually. Currently this area is a gravel and weed mess and the plan is to weed mat and wood chip so it’s more manageable. I could build a little 2m square “deck” with 1.5 pailing sides and gate, to push them up. This could be the new site.
My main concern is sunlight in winter. This site won’t get a lot due to the fence in the AM and in the PM due to other shrubs. In the summer it would be nice and shady but still get good sun in the midday.
Happy to hear thoughts on this. What do bees need?