Harvests this season

Hi all

I thought It would be good to get a chat going to see keepers’ harvests so far this season.

There was some discussion in December about a slow season. I took 5 frames from one hive in Mid December and will be ready to take 3 supers from 3 hives in about a weeks time. How’s everyone else going? Snaps are from December :slight_smile:

Hi all,
This is from a Flow Hive split I made in Sept with a nice queen from @BBH. I harvested on the 26th Jan approx 8 litres of Gungahlin Goodness. 4 Litres remain in the hive. I have another Flow Hive to harvest today so about the same I guess and a ten frame super is also ready to go.
I’ve been reading this forum for a while now however this is my first post so I have linked some Images. Its a bit warm where this hive is so lots of bearding. Hard to believe they all fit in that one 8 frame hive.
[Gungahlin Goodness]

Here’s a short video of the girls fanning the hive.
Air Con
OK so I hope that all works out.
Special thanks Eric, shes a beauty!!!
Edit, worked out the images, typo.


great images and thanks again for sharing, I would seriously consider adding another box to give the bees more room and also something to do otherwise you are likely to get a lat swarm as Summer ends and we edge into Autumn…



P.S - yes they are truly lovely queens!

Here is our weekend effort, 100 jars with more to do!