Frame wiring jig

Well I wish I made this 200 odd frames ago.
Quick knock up with what I had laying around and works well, I also use it to square frame up when making.

Looks good! I need to post photos of my updated frame wiring jig built for me by @Krevosbees … my last one didn’t last long after some time in the weather propped up against the outside of the shed! :smile:

Here are some photos of my two jigs.

The original jig made from a cut up bee frame and piece of pine. This jig warped… but is now strangely OK again (it appears it only has correct dimensions in winter!)

The updated frame wiring jig built by Krevosbees mentioned above. This jig uses a door stop and a basic lever to provide the pressure on the sidebar to assist in adequately tensioning the wires:

Comparison of old and new:
What are you using for the wire guides/wheels @Lenr? I've seen cotton reels used before. This will be my next addition!

The wire guides are ceramic electric fence insulators.
Certainly a cheaper alternative, but I have the insulators around.