For Sale - Warre Hive (includes four hive boxes)

Due to the expansion of my Langstroth (and Unreal hives) I have decided to park my Warre hive project that I planned this year. I have a Warre hive purchased from Hornsby Beekeeping up for sale.

The link to the equivalent hive is here:

The hive I have includes an additional box + 8 frames, which results in:
4 x Hive bodies
32 x Frames (most have bottom bar attached, but can be removed to run open frames if preferred)
1 x Quilt box (no quilt attached or filling)
1 x Base with built in beetle trap
1 x Pitched roof

The actual item is shown here (only shows 3 of the boxes stacked + quilt box)

Full description and photos of the hive here:

The hive has never housed bees, and has been in storage since purchase, only taken out for photos in the above thread!

Looking for $425.00

Message me on here, or send me an email to [email protected] if interested. :slight_smile: