Flow frame fitment In Langstroth supers (metric)

In Flow hive terminology a hybrid super is a honey super that contains a combination of traditional Langstroth frames and Flow frames. Flow offer their own hybrid super, but beekeepers may find it useful when modifying existing equipment to use the following table to determine the correct spacing of frame combinations in their supers.

It should be noted that a standard 8 frame Langstroth super in Australia is 310mm wide internally. This table provides measurements for this standard of 8 frame super and not the spacing for the Flow provided 8 frame super which is 315mm wide internally. The measurements are also based on standard 35mm Hoffman Langstroth end bars and a Flow frame measurement of 50mm wide. The Langstroth measurement is a ‘wide’ measurement for a 10 frame box of 370mm, not 362mm.

Although different combinations of frame numbers can be used, the number of Flow frames will dictate the size of any window cut outs at the rear of the hive. The size of the window cut out should not exceed the maximum width of the Flow frames combined (total width).