First time beekeeper dealing with a swarm that refuses to be merged back into the hive

Hi, I am a first time beekeeper trying to care for a hive, I have taken care of them for the last month without issue and performed two inspections. Yesterday before I was going to perform my third inspection they decided to swarm despite having ample space to expand, there was nothing unusual like ants but they were not expanding sideways. It turns out they were expanding upwards by building excess comb, I resolved that by reordering the comb and putting another deep box on top with a queen excluder.

I have been trying to deal with this particularly bad swarm over the last two days though, they have truely taken over my compost bin. I think I have managed to merge the queen and the majority of the bees back into the hive but I will need to move them due to Neighbours, they have grandkids that are allergic.

I am hoping to get advice on what to do now about the remaining bees, I have left a bowl of detergent in the compost to help move them on but they do not appear to be relocating to the hive. I’m desperately trying to find solutions to this, I don’t know if I need to split these bees off before I move them; and at that I don’t know anybody that can accept bees currently.