First swarm call of the 2017/2018 season

Today’s great weather has provided us with the first swarm of the 2017/2018 season.

This swarm was collected on the south side of Canberra this morning at about 10:00AM.

Swarm on an olive tree:

Swarm safely collected:

If you’ve got a swarm, let us know… we’ll remove it and rehome it without harming the bees.

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We ended up with three swarm calls yesterday. Here are some photos of another big swarm on a footpath at the ANU

More swarms today…

Three calls today, photos of one of the smaller swarms which fit perfectly into a 10 frame ideal box.

Thanks also to @Roland63 for picking one up on short notice today!

More calls today, with this swarm needing a full 10 frame box :astonished:

Plenty more calls… but the swarms all start to look the same so haven’t posted pics :smiley:

This one is a little different, from a rose bush on the weekend

The swarms haven’t slowed this week, a couple of the more interesting ones:

Swarm in a worm farm / compost bin. The worms hadn’t moved in yet which the bees took advantage of:

Bee swarm on a sandwich board outside a coffee shop:

Four more recovered today, three of the photos:

The swarms have been absolutely non-stop this season! Here are some more updates.

Something a little different.. a swarm had taken up residence in this guinea pig hutch/house!

..and lastly this huge swarm was picked up during the week, easily the biggest of the season so far!

This one got called in during the training course yesterday. Thankfully the owner was happy to wait :sweat_smile:

A couple more, the second is on the roof of a commercial car park.