First Spring Swarm - 9 Sept, 2021 - winner winner chicken dinner

Hey everyone,

called to my first swarm for the season yesterday in Latham, yes its still very early in the season and on looking at the data I have from over the many years of collecting swarms of bees in the canberra region this is the earliest I have had. So, just a heads up for us all as a timely reminder that bees wait for no man…, and as such we need to be vigilant if we are to keen on top of swarming and swarms as after all, we are beekeepers and the ‘keepers’ suggests to me that its our job to keep them and not loose them through swarming.

So, check your bees, see what they are doing and importantly what they are telling you from their actions and intervene as and where required, simple as that.

Sorry, no picture of the swarm, as it was already housed in a cardboard box by the time I arrived as it was reported by an elderly chap who had a sound working knowledge of honeybees thankfully.