First Drone of the Season Spotted

Hello keepers’

I just spotted by first drone of the season coming out of my ‘Northern Star’ hive. This hive has been doing it pretty tough over Winter and taking hits, most likely due to an idiot rose grower, so it’s cheering to spot him. I am half thinking of priming a lure hive in two weeks time. That should put us right on the edge of swarm season.



Hi Roland,

saw my first a few weeks ago also, on another one of those Canberra sunny days, he had attitude and was certainly active, a hive inspection yesterday discovered others and some other drone brood under construction on the edge of frames. Spring in the true sense isn’t too far away and whilst the bees also understand this well it will be interesting to see when swarm season is likely to arrive as I saw no signs of queen cells as yet any any hives all be it that the queens in hives are Autumn 2017 queens so the likelihood for swarms from any of these is much lower than would otherwise be all things considered.

Priming a bait hive sooner rather than later is the best thing to do as bees are also casing new sites at this time of the year and this will help should they need a site earlier than you predict.

Most hives I checked yesterday that we had removed the queen excluders from prior to winter are now running two boxes of brood (wall to wall) with plenty of pollen and honey reserves suggesting that they will come out of winter strong and jump straight into spring as soon as we get a week of warm daily weather.


Hello Eric,

I will rig up the single box bait hive in the AM. I’m not that experienced, but it was a shock to see one. I have a hive pretty much ready to go as well. I might have to give you a yell to get some foundation sheets, see how I go.



I put together this catch box (bait hive) using 10 ideal frames in a spare super and a Vita swarm lure about a week ago. Yesterday there was an inquisitive scout thoroughly investigating the outside and it ended up going in/out a few times to check it out.

I sent some of the swarm lures to new beekeepers on the Flow forum last year and they had great success with them too.

I reckon I can copy that. Might even have some lures in the fridge?